hey dudes i haven’t done storytime saturday or storytime sunday for awhile (if u are new i sometimes write stories based off my dreams bc i dream super vividly so i just write down what i see) so here’s a (pretty awful) little bitty story if you got the time to read it this one is called “shatter” here ya go

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how i will love you: my hands are shaky so i cannot carry two things at once without risking one of them dropping. i will bring your hot cocoa all the way from the kitchen to the couch before i go back to get my own. you will say, “you’re missing it” but i will watch you blindly take a sip of Nesquik’s magic blend and this to me will be more comforting than all of the explosions of the terrible action movie we’ve dedicated the past half hour to.

how i will love you: with sirens in my teeth that sob about everything. you will ask why i clench my jaw when i sleep, i will tell you that the nightmares are back and they are hunting. i have the ashes of burned forest coursing through my bloodstream. there are days where you will kiss me and you will taste nothing but screams.

how i will love you: i will read aloud your horoscope before mentioning mine. i will only tell you the dreams where you are the main character or if imaginary you and i made out a lot and bought ice cream. i will make you sandwiches, but only if you ask nicely. i will offer you my coat even though it would never fit you and i’m only wearing one layer underneath. i will worry about you, because i worry about everything.

how i will love you: you will not hear from me on the worst nights, because sadness makes my words go silent. you will have to hunt for the evidence that i’m ready to die in fractured unsure sentences that are entirely devoid of light. you will know me for my tidal waves: that i pull back into my ocean entirely before i spill over and ruin everything. i cannot commit you to being my anchor. i will hide from you and think that this is how i save you.

how i will love you: one day i will tell you about where the scars are from and we will count them. there will be a lot more than you can see because not all of my scars are on the outside of me. and if after this you can still kiss me in all honesty, i will tie together universes to bring you whatever you want or need.

how i will love you: my hands will shake and sometimes i will come apart at the seams. you will probably occasionally wonder if the world will end before i stop talking. i will steal all of your comfy clothing. i will try to adopt more plants than you feel comfortable owning. i will occasionally demand silence while i pick a corner and read. i cannot promise i will be perfect or even close to the person that you need. i can only say that when i’m having cake, i will save you the last piece.

how i will love you: entirely. /// r.i.d

Just a thing I wrote down because I liked this & I just love inkskinned so go check her out guysss.

A beautiful poem by r.i.d. that sends shivers down my spine whenever I read it. Hope it’s readable though :)

"He took everything away from me then he left like nothing ever happened." // r.i.d
you make everything better; you are
earth, sea, and sky
but baby you deserve
so much better
than i.
I’m falling for him bad and I whenever I’m with him I get that feeling like when you’re ice skating and you almost fall but you catch yourself just before hitting the ice.” // r.i.d

"She didn’t even bother to ask if I was okay just yelled at me for using curse words when I texted and that was it. I feel like she doesn’t care unless I’m dying”. // r.i.d

“I’ve come too far to let myself slip back into my old ways.” // r.i.d

"I think maybe we can’t be.” // r.i.d

i came to you when i was still chewing on the graphite of another boy’s poems, still drowning in the ink splotches he left along my collarbones, still flinching every time someone raised their voice and

the first time we talked it scared me how easily i could fold myself into your sentences and the first time we got drunk together i remember lying beside you just barely touching and still feeling like maybe i belonged here for the rest of eternity

how did you take a girl with a heart so black she couldn’t get it to beat how did you make her finally feel complete

you eased open the places i was hurting and cut yourself removing all of my thorns and good god i am a tinderbox and ready to catch on fire but you’re the only person who has ever made me feel warm so

just know that where you are is where i am home.

"The little voice in me who used to tell me “This isn’t the right guy” has been silent ever since we met, and this is the longest relationship I ever had. I so truly hope this one will last.” // r.i.d

“I love him so much and it seems like he loves me too but he has a girlfriend.” // r.i.d

hey man if somebody doesnt know a popular reference like don’t do the “what is wrong with you/your parents" thing okay like one of my friends did not have books growing up so she doesn’t know a lot of american traditional fables but do you know how cool it is to be able to swap stories with her and show her all the stuff i was raised on and learn about the stuff she was raised on

like seriously i see a lot of “they don’t know? don’t tell them” about pop culture stuff on this website and like… why wouldn’t you tell them like do you know how fun it is to get someone involved in something like bands and books and movies like man oh man dudes it’s incredible


“I love him. I love him and he doesn’t give a fuck about me.” // r.i.d

she is a glass of sherry and your hands shake. she
is the color of the moon towards the end of october
and you want to cup your hands to catch her.
her smile is how it feels when you slip into warm clothing, her
eyes are a bonfire where everyone is laughing and some kid
is playing guitar quietly and your crush is sitting
right next to you

her poet heart is so fragile sometimes we wonder
if she will come apart but the thing about poets is
they can take agony and shape it into buildings
and she has taken every bit of your agony and shaped
you into something beautiful

she is warm rain on an upturned face, she is
an unexpected honest compliment, she
can tell that you’re not just tired you’re also
empty of all emotion
and she will hold your hand while you struggle
to overcome that, she is the feeling you get
when a butterfly chooses you to land on,
she is safety and she is home
and she belongs
to you alone.

"I can trust her with anything and she’s understanding and smart and I feel like she’s the only person who understands me.” // r.i.d

my mother says she made me strong like amber,
strong like the trees, strong like
how you held me.

yes i am fragile and the light
shines right on through me

and my love i am overflowing
to coat the scars
you left on me

but i think somewhere in all of this healing
part of you got trapped
under new skin
and i will never
get you out

"He never cared. How could I be so blind.” // r.i.d